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Issue #03, June 2012

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You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have, for instance.

-- Franklin P. Adams

This Month's Feature

A Second Look at Prefold Cloth Diapers
prefold cloth diapers

In this day and age of "modern cloth diapers" many people often dismiss prefolds as old fashioned or complicated, myself included. When I first started out with cloth diapers 3 years ago, I built my stash up completely with pocket diapers.

But we got lucky... A friend of ours heard we were cloth diapering and passed along a couple of prefolds, and another friend sent us some covers they were done using. And so, one day when I got behind on laundry and ran out of pockets before the dryer was done, I reluctantly pulled out one of those prefold cloth diapers.

And you know what I learned? That prefolds and covers really aren't that bad! In fact, I wished that I had discovered them much sooner!

Inexpensive, Simple, and Versatile

They may not be ideal for wiggly babies, where speed (of diaper changes) is of the essence, nor are they usually the preferred option for daycare providers. But there's a ton of other times when prefolds can really shine!

  • They make an inexpensive and flexible diapering option for newborns
  • They are an excellent stash starter, since they are oh-so-affordable
  • Many swear by prefold cloth diapers, combined with a wool cover, for overnight diapering
  • They can be used as inserts in many pockets
  • They are also made of completely natural products, usually unbleached cotton

After my first positive experience with prefolds, I added a couple plus a cover to the bottom of my diaper bag. When we couldn't find a change table, they made an excellent change pad. They doubled as burp cloths, too. And on those occasions when I ran out of diapers, it was so nice to have a back-up plan!

Try this Tip!

If you travel a lot, you may even find it helpful to stock a small "emergency changes" bag in your car with a few diapers, some wipes and a bottle of water. Prefold cloth diapers are perfect for something like this, since they are inexpensive and flexible. Plus, with new one-size diaper covers on the market, this truly can be a "set it and forget about it" option if you're like me and might forget to update the contents of that emergency bag as your baby grows!

sale - factory seconds prefold cloth diapers

Want to learn more? Read our full article on prefolds for more on what fabric types to look for, how to choose a quality prefold cloth diaper, and why prepping prefolds is so important. Plus, we've got all the details on cloth diaper covers here.

Have You Heard?

News from the Cloth Diaper World

Don't miss these exciting chances to win:

  • Canada Day Event - To celebrate my own roots, I've paired up with some fantastic Canadian sponsors to put together a $100 Canadian cloth diaper and accessory prize pack, including 3 prefolds and a cover, plus lots more! We've had a ton of entries already, but if you've missed out, you have until the end of June to get your entries in! Thanks to Bummis, AppleCheeks, Monkey Doodlez, Funky Fluff, and Rearz for their generous support! If you're looking for some quality all-Canadian cloth diaper companies, look no further!

  • Fluffy Christmas in July - keep your eye on my friend Stephanie's blog as she gives away one great cloth diaper or accessory for every day in July! She's got some awesome prizes lined up - don't miss 31 more great chance to win!

  • And on our Facebook page: We heard you loud and clear when you answered the question "What was the main reason you chose to use cloth diapers?" Join us now on Facebook for the answer and more great cloth diaper conversations!

Special Savings for You

We'd like to introduce you to a cloth diaper retailer that recently caught our eye! Dearest Diapers is an internet cloth diaper retailer headquartered near Sacramento, CA. They carry more than 35 brands of cloth diapers (including favorites like AppleCheeks, FuzziBunz, BumGenius, Soft Bums, and a ton more!) plus accessories, baby gear, and more!

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Keeping Up

As a working parent, I know how busy life can get!

Did you explode something in your microwave? Here's a quick and easy clean-up tip to save you some time and some elbow grease! Simply add some white vinegar to a bowl, and microwave the contents on high for a minute or two. Let stand for a couple of minutes so the steam can do its work, and then wipe down the microwave.

If you have a question, or an idea you think we should share with other busy moms in an upcoming Cloth Diaper Column, I'd love to hear from you. Feel free to drop me a line!

That's all until next month! Thanks for hanging out with me!

PS - Do you have your eye on some fluff? Then you won't want to miss our Cloth Diaper Sales Round-up! Every week, we update this great summary to notify you of that weeks' deals, discounts, and savings at our favorite retailers!

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