31 Free Diaper Bag Patterns & Tutorials

Want to make your own diaper bag?  Our huge list of free diaper bag patterns and tutorials offers something for everyone!  Get started today!

There are lots of great free and paid diaper bag patterns available on the internet, but they can sometimes be hard to find.  No matter your style and your sewing skill level, there's a diaper bag for you!  In this article, we've rounded up free patterns for diaper bags, totes, clutches, wet bags, a stroller caddy, and more!

Please note:  All thumbnail images are courtesy of the blogs and websites whose patterns are featured in this round-up.  While I have made every effort to contact each blog owner about using their images, if you do not want me to link to your site, please send me a note and I will remove your image and your link.

Free Tote Patterns

free tote sewing pattern

Embellished Tote

detour diaper bag pattern

"The Detour"

free diaper bag tote pattern

Simple Tote Bag

free duffel bag pattern

Plenty of Pockets Duffel

ruffled tote sewing pattern

Ruffled Tote Bag

free diaper bag tote pattern

Ambrosia Tote

free cinch tote pattern

Cinch Bag Tutorial

Free Messenger Bag Patterns

free messenger style diaper bag pattern

Messenger Style Bag

free diaper bag messenger pattern

Connor's Messenger Bag

free diaper bag pattern with pockets and flap

Boxy Messenger Bag

reversible messenger style diaper bag pattern free

Reversible Messenger Bag

Free Handbag Patterns

free diaper bag pattern

Phoebe Bag

free pattern for diaper bag with pleats

Double Pleated Purse

cute diaper bag pattern

Hobo Diaper Bag Pattern & Tutorial

Big Diaper Bag Patterns

quilted diaper bag pattern

Quilted Diaper Bag

cute free diaper bag pattern

Frou Frou Diaper Bag

cargo duffle bag with pockets - good for a diaper bag - sewing pattern

Cargo Duffle Bag

free sewing pattern for bowling bag - perfect as a diaper bag

Bowling Bag

free dolly diaper bag pattern and tutorial

Dolly Diaper Bag Tutorial (no zipper)

Free Backpack Diaper Bag Patterns

lil hiker backpack sewing pattern - could be used as a diaper bag too

Lil Hiker Backpack

modified city backpack diaper bag

City Backpack Diaper Bag

Free Wipes & Diaper Clutch Patterns

boxy wipes case free pattern

Boxy Wipes Bag Tutorial

quick and easy diaper change pad sewing pattern & tutorial

Quick & Easy Diaper Change Pad

free stroller caddy sewing pattern

Stroller Caddy

Wet Bag Patterns & Tutorials

free wet bag tutorial

Quick & Easy 20 Minute Wet Bag

free diaper wet bag sewing tutorial

Lined Zippered Wet Bag Tutorial

pattern for wet bag with boxy corners

Boxy Corner Wet Bag Tutorial


Whether you're a beginner or advanced sewer, making your own customized diaper bag can be a fun and rewarding project.  If you have any other free patterns you've used and loved, please feel free to link to them below!

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