Reusable Cloth Training Pants for Toilet Training

Looking for the perfect cloth training pants?  We provide a comparison of popular trainers, plus more information on what to look for when selecting training pants.

Potty training isn't easy, but finding the right cloth training pants can make it easier!

I'm in the midst of potty-training my little boy now, and I've been searching for the "perfect" trainers... reliable, easy to get on and off, absorbent enough to hold small accidents, but not so absorbent that my toddler can't feel wetness. Of course, cute and comfortable are also big on the wishlist, because my son is old enough to notice these things now!

If you've already had your child in cloth diapers, keep reading to find out why now's not the time to switch over to disposables! If you've been using disposable diapers, cloth training pants may be your first experience in the world of reusable baby products. Never fear - we've pulled together the information you need to understand why you should think about using cloth training pants.

cloth training pants

Why Not Disposable Pull-ups?

Pull-ups and other disposable training pants have been designed with super-absorbent polymer chemicals (SAP) that are incredibly good at pulling the moisture away from your baby's bottom. Dry bottoms are the goal for diapering (but you know from experience that cloth diapers can do this just as well!) but when it comes to potty training, it will go much more quickly when your child can experience the uncomfortable sensation of wetness!

This is where cloth training pants come in... you'll want a natural fiber (such as cotton) next to your baby's skin, not wicking materials (fleece, or disposables). Natural fibers feel wet and help your toddler to recognize when they have wet their pants.

For potty-training toddlers, cloth training pants provide the benefit of comfortable and great-fitting underpants, and many have styling similar to big boy or big girl underpants, for an easy transition. Plus cloth is good for the environment.

Cloth Trainers Are Designed to be Functional

Cloth training pants are designed to pull up just like underpants. Many are made with a laminated waterproof outer and may incorporate absorbent material on the inside. Some manufacturers even incorporate a pocket into their design to allow you to customize the absorbency of their training pants.

Many parents have discovered the paradox of modern potty-training - at a time when you most want your toddler to recognize that wet diaper feeling, disposable Pull-Ups mask the wet feel, often setting you back in your training efforts!

How do the Costs Compare?

My Choice™ Trainers!

While quality waterproof trainers (like the brands mentioned below) can set you back $12-17 apiece, this cost will usually not come close to the high expense of disposable training pants over time. As an added benefit, cloth trainers are seldom worn out by one child, so you can use them again for a second child, pass them along to a friend or family member, or sell them second-hand to recoup some of your costs. You can read more about buying used cloth diapers and other diapering products here.

Sew Your Own

If you would like to save some money and know how to sew, you may wish to consider stitching up a few pairs cloth training pants for your little one.  I recommend the pocket training pants pattern from Sew Can Do.  I've worked with this pattern, and really like the training pants I've made using it.  You can check out my trainers and find out more about the pattern here.

Popular Brands of Cloth Training Pants

While certainly not a comprehensive list, here are a few popular brands to get you started. If you want to discover more cloth training pant brands, search for Trainers on a few cloth diaper retailer websites, or ask visit a local cloth diaper and baby gear store.

Blueberry Trainers

blueberry cloth training pants
  • Cotton velour inner
  • Hidden microterry layer
  • Hidden PUL
  • Lots of cute prints on the outer
  • Partially water proof - not recommended for night or naps, but will catch small accidents
  • Are not incredibly absorbent and may wick around the fold-over elastic
  • Small (22-30 lbs), Medium (25-35 lbs), Large (32-42 lbs), seem to fit on the small side
  • $15.95 from Nicki's Diapers

Bummis Training Pants

bummis cloth training pants
  • With a laminated waterproof outer and stretchy side panels
  • Inner of cotton hemp knit that allows your child to feel wetness
  • 2 hidden absorptive layers of cotton terry and microfiber
  • Trim design
  • 4 Sizes Small (18-25 lbs), Medium (25-30 lbs), Large (30-35 lbs), X-Large (35+ lbs)
  • $15.95 with free shipping from Diaper Safari

FuzziBunz Trickle Free Trainers

fuzzibunz trickle free trainer
  • Minky inner cleans up easily
  • Fun PUL outer
  • Side snaps
  • 3 sizes S (18-23 lbs), M (20-30 lbs), L (32-45 lbs)
  • $15.99 each from Little For Now

Happy Heinys Pocket Trainer

happy heinys pocket training pants
  • Side snaps are optional but can make it easier to clean up and stuff with insert
  • Fleece inner
  • PUL outer
  • Pocket to add absorbency just like a diaper
  • Fit looser than diaper covers
  • 5 sizes XS (15-23 lbs), S (23-35 lbs), M (35-43 lbs), L (43-55 lbs), XL (55+ lbs)
  • $12.99 each from Little For Now

Kushies Cloth Trainers

kushies training pants
  • Several layers of cotton provide absorbency while allowing your child to feel wet
  • Waterproof outer layer
  • Pull-up design
  • Don't dry as fast as other diapers
  • 5 sizes S (22-29 lbs), M (29-33 lbs), L (33-38 lbs), XL (38-44 lbs), XXL (44-50 lbs)
  • Sizes run on the smaller side, so order one size up from the recommended
  • $9.99 on

Super Undies Pull-Ons and Pocket Trainers

super undies pocket trainer
  • Available in pocket, pull-on, and night-time versions
  • Poly-lycra blend inner, with lycra side panels for stretchy snug fit
  • Microfiber terry cloth absorbency. Night-time trainer has 9 layers and fleece-covered elastic legs
  • Pocket version allows you to add additional absorbency, while pull-up version is not customizable
  • PUL laminate outer to keep wetness in
  • Sizes Small (2-3 yrs), Medium (2-5 years), Large (5+ years)
  • $19.95 for pocket and pull-on, $29.95 for night-time from Nicki's Diapers

Imse Vimse Training Pants

imse vimse organic cloth trainer
  • Organic cotton inner helps your little one feel wet
  • Pull-up design
  • 2 layers of organic cotton terry absorbent material sewn in, and an inner layer of PUL for waterproofing
  • Not recommended for naps or night-time use
  • 5 sizes Large (20-26 lbs), Extra Large (24-31 lbs), Super Large (28-37 lbs), Junior (35-44 lbs), Junior Plus (41-54 lbs)
  • $18.25 from Nicki's Diapers

Charlie Banana Swim Diaper & Cloth Trainer

charlie banana swim diaper and training pants
  • Waterproof outer layer and organic cotton terry inner
  • Has one of the smallest size offerings of trainers, making it perfect for elimination communication and early training
  • 4 sizes - Small (11-16 lbs), Medium (16-21 lbs), Large (21-27 lbs), and X-Large (28-55 lbs)
  • Also functions as a swim diaper!
  • $13.99 from Lagoon Baby in Canada

Kissaluvs Pocket Trainer

kissaluvs cloth training pants
  • Pull-up or snap on
  • Snaps provide 4 settings to adjust waist and legs
  • Snaps make clean-up easier
  • Outer PUL in solid colours
  • Flannel inner with cute fabrics
  • Available in 2 sizes: 2T (20-32 lbs) and 3T (28-40 lbs)
  • Pocket to add extra absorbency, can double as a diaper
  • $14.95 and free shipping from Diaper Safari

Gerber Training Pants

gerber training pants

  • Made with 100% cotton sides, and a cotton/polyester core for some absorbency
  • Designed to allow your child to feel wet, they will soak through since they do not have a waterproof outer layer
  • Only designed to contain small leaks
  • Easy to pull on and off
  • Inexpensive
  • Available in 3 sizes 18M(24-28 lbs), 2T (28-32 lbs), 3T (32-35 lbs)
  • $9.99 for 3 from

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