Cloth Diaper Fabric to Sew Your Own

Have you ever thought about sewing your own cloth diapers? You're not alone! In this article, you'll find out how where to buy and how to select cloth diaper fabric. Sewing can save you money and you're guaranteed to get a diaper that fits your baby perfectly!

Want to make your own cloth diapers?  Here's a list of cloth diaper fabric retailers

Modern Cloth Diaper Fabrics

Over the last few years, cloth diaper fabric innovations have improved the absorbency, drying time, and trimness of the textiles used. Plain old cotton now needs to make room for other absorbent materials such as microfiber, minky, Zorb, bamboo, and hemp, each of which has its own unique benefits.

If you're just learning about cloth diaper fabrics, you may want to check out this article on Zany-Zebra. They don't sell fabrics, but they offer a great introduction to the materials used in cloth diaper construction.

Upcylcing: Save Money and the Environment!

Of course, you may be able to recycle absorbent fabrics you already have into your cloth diapers. Think about old towels, cotton blankets, or other materials you may already have around your house - the key is to make sure they are absorbent!

You can find patterns to upcycle a prefold into a fitted diaper, or to convert an old t-shirt into a diaper. Keep in mind that most fabrics will not be waterproof on their own, so you will need to make or purchase a cover or wrap made with a laminated material or wool.

A Word About Shipping

While you can search for the best price on each fabric, most sites do charge shipping. It can be less expensive in the long run to purchase all of your materials from a single website.

Some websites also offer reduced prices for larger fabric orders. Here's a few ideas to help save money:

  • Find other moms who are also interested in sewing and combine orders to qualify for these discounts and save on shipping costs
  • Look to join a fabric purchasing co-op through Facebook

Online Cloth Diaper Fabric Retailers

PUL fabric for cloth diaper

Some local bricks and mortar fabric stores are starting to carry cloth diaper fabric choices, but the most popular place to buy specialty fabrics is through on-line fabric retailers.

Below are links to a number of online fabric sellers that carry materials for diaper sewing. Have fun sewing!
Buy fabric, patterns, and notions through this reputable retailer. You'll find hemp, bamboo, cotton, and laminate fabrics, and can even combine cloth diaper accessories in your order. Plus, your order may even qualify for free shipping!

Celtic Cloths Diaper Fabric
With free patterns, tutorials, and some great links to resources, plus lots of fabric and notion options available for purchase.

Kids in the Garden
Sells diaper making fabrics, including microfiber and PUL, plus notions.

Mill Direct Textiles
Offers Polartec fleece products, great for diaper linings to wick away moisture. Diaper Sewing Supplies - Various diaper making fabrics and supplies.

Sew Many Diapers
Offers fabric and other diaper supplies, patterns, laminating services, and grab bags. Also offers used wool sweaters for sale for very reasonable prices so you can make your own wool covers and longies.

Very Baby
With a shop, forum, tutorials, patterns available for purchase


Carries high quality diaper making supplies, including their own product lines of Zorb, ZorbII, Procare and PUL that are all manufactured in Canada and the USA. Bulk bin discounts for large quantities!

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Cloth Diaper Patterns
Making your own cloth diapers can save you money and you're guaranteed to get a diaper that fits your baby perfectly! This article includes links to a number of cloth diaper patterns that are available free or for purchase on the internet.

For information on cloth diaper fabric and pattern suggestions, go back to Making Cloth Diapers.

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