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Winter's Coming...

The first frost, and later the first snow, are a sign that the holidays are just around the corner. When I was a child, Christmas couldn't come soon enough. Now that I'm older, it's amazing how quickly that special time of year sneaks up...

This year, I've sworn that I'm going to be more organized when it comes to Christmas! We're also traveling to see family this year, the first Christmas trip we've made since my little boy was born. That means I'll definitely have to be more organized! How about you, how do you celebrate the holidays? Do you travel or stay home?

The holiday season is often a great time to get together with friends and family. While it can take a bit more planning (and yes, courage!) you really can rely on cloth diapers even while traveling.

Traveling With Cloth Diapers: Day Trips (and Beyond!)

While some cloth diapering mommies are more purist in their approach to diapering than others, please believe me when I say that it's okay to use disposables! There are definitely times when convenience outweighs costs, environmental concerns, and even comfort! So in your internal debate, please keep in mind that it's only your own pride and beliefs that you need to manage if you decide to use disposables when you're out and about.

Once you get used to using cloth, traveling with cloth diapers won't seem so scary. The main difference is that instead of leaving your dirty diapers behind in someone else's trash, you'll have to carry them home with you. Planning for it will make all the difference!

Read on for some more considerations:

Cloth Diapers

As far as diaper styles go, anything goes! That said, packing hybrids, all-in-twos, and prefolds is sometimes a bit more efficient - you don't need as much bulk since you can re-use the covers if they're not soiled!

Wet Bags

Tip: bring an extra wet bag if you have one. If not, throw in a large ziploc bag, or even a plastic grocery bag.

Disposable Inserts

Disposable inserts (our favorite is the fully compostable gDiapers Disposable insert, which we've tucked into just about every shell and pocket we own!) are also an option.

It doesn't matter what the package says... If you decide to use disposable inserts inside of cloth shells, don't try to flush them down someone else's toilet. Their plumbing may not be quite as good as yours, or they might be on septic. Who knows - but if you don't know, don't wear out your welcome! Dump off solids, and then throw them in the garbage. If your friends are green-minded (and don't have weak stomachs or overactive imaginations), ask if they would mind if you put them (wet-only!) in their compost bin!

Cloth Wipes

Are you using cloth wipes yet? Do you love them? You don't have to leave them at home! We often travel with cloth wipes. They make clean-up much easier, they're so much softer on your baby's bum (or hands!), and they don't have to be sorted out of cloth diapers.

If you want to travel with cloth wipes, buy a small wet bag, and tuck some cloth washcloths inside. Add a small amount of water, and tuck them inside your diaper bag. If you're going for longer than a day, you can always pack extra dry cloths in your bag and use them to restock your wet wipe stash later!

Cloth Diaper Friendly Diaper Bag

The perfect diaper bag? For long trips, you'll need a nice big bag. I use lots of smaller wet bags tucked inside to keep stuff organized. 

Tips for Carefree Travel with Cloth Diapers

  • Pack 1 to 2 more diapers than you think you'll need.
  • Keep an extra diaper in the car. The best plan is either a disposable (please see my note above about this being a choice YOU make) or a one-size cover and prefolds (Believe me, it's easy to forget about it after a few months when you should have re-stocked with the next size up!) We like to travel prepared: we usually have extra pyjamas and at least one extra diaper in the car for emergencies - and for those impromptu stop-overs with friends that turn into a whole-day affair!
  • For air travel, luggage restrictions can be a challenge. If you plan to bring your cloth diapers, you will want to bring your own detergent too. Make sure your host doesn't use dryer sheets, which can coat your diapers, even if you don't use dryer sheets in your cloth diaper load. Also, be aware that water types can vary across the country - you may need to strip your diapers if necessary after the trip.
  • Consider taking along some disposable inserts (we love G-Diaper inserts, which we found to be far more absorbent than Flip inserts).

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