Plumbum Diapers

by Pam Jones
(Windsor, PA, USA)

Plumbum Diapers Inc.
Located in Windsor, PA

Our mission to advocate the use of, educate about, and provide cloth diapers for local families in need.

We serve York County Pennsylvania and the area surrounding, although we have send diapers as far as Tennessee!

We are up to 14 families served!

Any families receiving WIC or government assistance qualify, although we have made a few exceptions with families in extenuating circumstances.

Approved families receive a kit of flat diapers, covers, a snappi, detergent, and a booklet detailing the basics of cloth diapering. Sometimes we revise the kit to include other donations or accommodate specific needs. The PDF of the booklet is available online for free for anyone (with restrictions) and anyone, approved or not, is welcome to free cloth diapering consultation.

Donating diapers is the most obvious way someone can help, but we also look for people abroad who are willing to help distribute diapers in various areas or are available to deliver diapers since some people do not have the means to come get it themselves.

I started Plumbum Diapers from my own need. Knowing the struggle of affording diapers as well as the freedom that comes from using cloth, I wanted to share that information with anyone else who is truly struggling like I was and help them get started towards lasting relief!

You can find us at or visit our facebook page,! You can message us on facebook or use the contact form on the website if you need to reach us!

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