How to Convert a Regular Bra to a Nursing Bra

Having a baby gets expensive! So much to buy and so little money to do it with. If you find yourself stretching dollars, you are not alone!

If you want to save money and not have to buy expensive nursing bras, we’ve got a tutorial that will show you how to convert your regular bra into a nursing bra quickly and easily. A set of these handy Dritz® Nursing Bra clips and a few sewing supplies are all that is needed. You don’t even need a sewing machine!


Save the parts you remove from your bra if you want to convert it back to a regular bra when you are done nursing, or leave the clips in place. You can convert virtually any bra using these handy clips. We will show you how to convert two different bra styles. 

Supplies Needed: 

Instructions for Nursing Bra with Sewn on Connector

(Front Bra Adjustment Slide): 

Tip: Work on one side of the straps at a time, that way you have a point of reference for rethreading the strap through the strap adjustment clip.

1.     Remove stitching at bra cup to remove connector  (set aside to use later if you want to convert the bra back later).

2.     Next, remove the stitching from the bra strap holding the loop and the adjustment slide and remove them (set aside the loop if you want to convert bra back later).

3.     Using the bra strap slide you just removed, and the “hook” part of the maternity bra clip, rethread the strap following the diagram. Pass the strap through the slide at side (1), back up at the opposite side (2), through the loop at the front side of the clip (3), back down through the slide and around the center bar of the slide (4) and out to meet the back side of the bra strap.

4.     Stitch the strap end to the back side of strap, then test to make sure the slide works. If you get confused, compare to the other strap. That’s why we are doing one side at a time!

5.     Insert top tab of bra through clip. Pin it in place. Check to make sure it will hook properly to the strap, then stitch the clip securely in place.

6.     Now you are ready to clip the bra strap to the cup! Wasn’t that easy? Now do the other side and your new Nursing Bra is complete!

Instructions for Bra With Sewn Strap

(Back Bra Adjustment Slide)

1.     Cut strap approx. 1” from bra cup.

2.     Optional: Apply Fray Check to cut ends of strap. Let dry.

3.     With hook facing out, insert strap end through bottom opening hook clasp and around to back. Pin, then stitch in place.

4.     Insert strap from bra cup through hook receiver as shown.

5.     Pin at back, then stitch in place.

6.     Repeat process for other strap.

Do you plan to make your own nursing bra?

Let me know below!  If you try out this tutorial, I would love it if you would post photos on our Facebook page!

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