Minnesota Cloth Diaper Bank- Minnesota

by Danielle Claseman
(Minneapolis, MN, USA)

These prompts will help you decide what to include in your submission.

Search engines will ignore web pages that have less than 300 words, so please include at least 300 words of content. This will help prospective donors and clients to find your organization through search engines such as Google.

Please include the name of your organization and city and state or province near the beginning of your write-up.

Please answer the following questions:

What is your mission? The Minnesota Cloth Diaper Bank is working to make cloth diapering accessible, affordable, and achievable for all Minnesotan families. Our aim is to minimize the economic and environmental impacts of diapering.

Which communities do you serve? Minnesota

How many families have you served?

How do your clients qualify? Simple application on our website

What kind of support do you provide them? Diapers, supplies, consultations, demos, etc.

How can others help your cause? Financial donations, diaper donations, diaper repair, outreach, marketing, etc.

Why did you get started? our passion for healthy babies and a healthy planet

Please provide a link to your website (if applicable) as well as contact info in case readers are interested and want to get in touch (email, Facebook, whatever you prefer.)


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