HOPE Diapers

by Amy McKnight
(Lexington, NC, USA)

What is your mission?

HOPE Diapers is a social enterprise that is dedicated to teaching families with children in diapers the art of folding and using flat cloth diapers.

HOPE Diapers also seeks to make the start up cost of entry associated with switching from disposables to cloth as low as possible by providing low cost diapering kits that work with flat cloth diapers.

We understand that three of the most widely sited reason why those in the greatest need can not/should not use cloth diapers are:

1. The prohibitively high start up cost.

2. The lack of proper laundry facilities.

3. The perceived unwillingness of daycare facilities to work with cloth diapering parents.

We seek to answer those objections by affordably providing resources in the kit that address the first two objections and advocating on behalf of all cloth diapering parents to seek to meet the third.

Which communities do you serve?

We ship kits to qualifying families in the lower 48 states.

How do your clients qualify?

Any family that qualifies for needs-based social services can send in a reference form filled out by a recognized aid organization that attest to their need.

They also need to be able to cover the minimal cost for the kit and postage.

What kind of support do you provide them?

We provide material support in the form of low cost cloth diapering kits as well as a step-by-step guide written by a mother who has use the system with her child from day one. We also have video tutorials available at HOPEDiapers.org and on YouTube.

How can others help your cause?

You can help us get the word out about HOPE Diapers by liking our Facebook page, tweeting about us on twitter, sharing our free eBook "Rediscovering HOPE: A Step-by-Step Guide to Using Historically, One-sized, Proven, Economical Flat Cloth Diapers" and or ordering printed copies of the full-color printed booklet version of "Rediscovering HOPE" to give to your local social services, charities, or needs based service organizations.

As we are a social enterprise and not a 501 c 3 charity we do not solicit donations.

Why did you get started?

I learned about diaper need when I was pregnant with my daughter. It bothered me enough to make me want to do something from day one.

I spent most of my pregnancy trying to find a option that I could use myself so that I could share it with others who didn't have as many options.

I know how it is too grow up in a home where finances are hard as a child. I have also known what it feels like to struggle as an an adult. I've been give so many opportunities many of them were in the form of the inspiration that comes from reading and learning about other who have walked the path before me and were able to overcome.

I felt that if I could give my personal experience, if I could walk a head and pave the way as well as walk beside and show the path to those who really need this type of help the most I could make a real and lasting difference.

Please provide a link to your website (if applicable) as well as contact info in case readers are interested and want to get in touch (email, Facebook, whatever you prefer.)


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