Hemp Fleece Prefolds from Geffen Baby - 5 Things I Love 

Geffen Baby Fleece Hemp Prefold

Geffen Baby Hemp Fleece Prefolds - Innovation

Choosing the right diapering solutions is about merging practicality with environmental consciousness. Enter Geffen Baby Hemp Fleece Prefolds, a game-changer in the world of eco-friendly diapering.

These prefolds are the epitome of how sustainability can join forces with comfort, creating a product that both parents and babies love. Geffen Baby crafted a unique hemp fabric that isn't offered anywhere else. Their innovative 60% hemp / 40% organic cotton blend is the highest hemp content available.

Trim Cloth Diaper

One of the most endearing qualities of hemp fleece prefolds is their trim fit in comparison to how much they can hold. When you opt for Geffen Baby's hemp prefolds, you're choosing a diaper that will sit comfortably on your baby without the bulkiness often associated with cloth diapers. Here's why the trim profile of hemp makes a big difference:

- Ensures a snug fit for an active baby

- Pairs well with a variety of diaper covers

- Provides a natural shape that contours the body

Geffen Baby Fleece Hemp Prefold size small

Super Absorbent

If you're looking for a diaper that can handle marathon sleep sessions or the longest of car rides, hemp fleece prefolds are your friend. The exceptional super absorbent nature of hemp fibers sets Geffen Baby Hemp Fleece Prefolds apart in the market.

- Great for heavy wetters and overnight protection

- Won't reach full absorbency until 8-10 washes, which is unbelievable as it is so absorbent even when first arriving

Antimicrobial Properties

The antimicrobial qualities of these prefolds are a natural defense mechanism against odor and germs. That means these wash easier than any other fabric. That makes for a happy parent or caregiver. Especially if you've already been struggling trying to wash the cloth diapers.

- Combats odor-causing bacteria

- Keeps the baby fresher longer


Durability is a cornerstone of Geffen Baby Hemp Fleece Prefolds. Their formidable resistance to wear and tear means that not only do they keep their form and function after persistent use and washes, but they also contribute to environmental sustainability:

- Long-lasting through countless washes

- Reduces the need for diaper replacements

- Translates to sustainability and waste reduction

These are one of my favorite cloth diaper absorbencies. Geffen Baby Hemp Fleece Prefolds redefine what to expect from cloth diapers. They brilliantly merge the natural benefits of hemp with the practical needs of modern parenting.

From the unbeatable absorbency to the snug, trim fit, and the unexpected delight of antimicrobial properties, these diapers are a testament to what happens when design meets intention. Here's to diapering days filled with comfort, care, and consciousness!

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