Try GroVia Hybrid Diapers

Grovia hybrid diapers are popular because they offer flexibility to switch back and forth between reusable and disposable inserts.  Give them a try with the NEW trial pack for just $20!

What are Hybrid Cloth Diapers?

The best of both worlds!  With hybrid diapers, you don't have to choose only reusable cloth diapers or disposables.  Hybrid diapers include a washable cloth diaper cover and the option to use either washable cloth inserts or biodegradable disposable inserts.

Why Should You Consider Hybrids?

  • Eliminate waste and avoid exposing your baby to the plastics and chemicals present in traditional disposables
  • Easily switch back and forth between reusable and disposable (yet biodegradable!) inserts

GroVia Hybrid Diapers

With close to 50,000 fans on Facebook (last I checked), GroVia is one of the most popular cloth diaper brands.  One of their most popular products is their hybrid diaper system.  It's an easy and reliable system with high quality diaper covers, and two choices of inserts (reusable and cloth).  The picture below (from their website) shows how the GroVia hybrid diaper system works.

Image courtesy of GroVia

If you are unsure whether you want to commit to cloth diapers, or if you'd like to test-drive a new brand, the GroVia has launched a brand new trial kit, which offers great value!  You get everything you need to try cloth diapers, including:

  • 1 GroVia Hybrid Diaper Cover (shell)
  • 1 reusable cloth insert
  • 3 biodegradable disposable inserts

Image courtesy of GroVia

The entire trial kit costs just $20 including shipping!  The contents of the trial kit are more than $26 purchased separately, so this is an affordable way to try cloth diapers!

Where to Buy It

This offer is available to US customers.  Visit GroVia's website to find out more about their hybrid diapers, read reviews, and purchase this kit!

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