Funky Fluff Stay Dry Diaper Review and Giveaway

We've always been a fan of Funky Fluff diapers, and so we were excited to hear about the recent improvements to the Funky Fluff Stay Dry.  Read more and enter our giveaway to win one here!

If you've already tried Funky Fluff's diapers and accessories, then you know how amazing they are! If you haven't but have wanted to, continue reading!  To help celebrate the launch of the new Funky Fluff Stay Dry 2.0, Funky Fluff is giving you the chance to win not one, but TEN diapers!

funky fluff cloth diaper giveaway 2014

Read our full Funky Fluff Fusion review below, and then scroll down for the rules of this contest and the official entry form!

funky fluff stay dry 2.0 review

Cloth Diaper Brand - Funky Fluff Stay-Dry

Diaper Type - All in Two or Pocket

Overall Rating: ♥♥♥♥

What size did you purchase? - One-size (8 to 40 lbs)

Approximately how much did you pay for it? - $20.99 including two matching inserts!

What do you love about this diaper?

When Funky Fluff mentioned they were launching a 2.0 version of their popular Fusion Stay-Dry diaper, I wondered what they would change.  I love their bamboo and stay-dry diapers because they are incredibly versatile! 

What's changed?

  • You can read our review of the 1.0 here
  • Wider back elastic for a comfier fit
  • Trimmer fit - slightly narrower cut between the legs, inserts slightly narrower to fit
  • Moving the label from the back to the side - I'm happy about this change, as I have had a really wet insert wick through the back label stitching a couple of times!
  • Elimination of the double gusset

Funky Fluff Stay-Dry 1.0 with gussets

Funky Fluff Stay-Dry 2.0 without gussets

A word on the gussets.  First, I am generally a big fan of double gussets in diapers.  Gussets are a second row of elastics (shown above left) that form a double barrier against blowouts from around the leg openings.  I hands-down prefer diaper covers that have a double gusset.  Funky Fluff introduced both their stay-dry and bamboo diapers in the 1.0 with gussets, and then removed them from the 2.0.  I have both fabric options in both the 1.0 and 2.0, and have used them all since my son was a newborn, and I honestly haven't had a blow-out with any of them... so I don't think the gussets are a necessary feature.

According to Funky Fluff, the objective of removing the inner gusset from their design was to result in a better all-in-two experience, since the soaker can be positioned completely flat on top of the diaper shell.  Additionally, since many parents use flushable or reusable diaper liners, the gussets are often covered.

What's stayed the same?

All of the features I've loved about Funky Fluff since the beginning:

  • Flexibility: this diaper can be used as an all-in-one, all-in-two, or a pocket diaper, meaning that as your diapering preferences and needs change as baby grows, your diaper doesn't have to
  • Inserts included! This premium quality diaper shell comes with 2 snap-in inserts and  - a shorter one perfect as a doubler or for use on its own on smaller settings, and a longer one.  Both microfiber inserts are topped with a stay-dry suede-cloth and have a snap to secure them (if you choose) - you can also tuck them inside the pocket or lay them on top.  Funky Fluff has also started to sell their pocket diapers without the inserts so you can purchase the inserts you want.  This is a great option, because I know that I would prefer the bamboo newborn insert/booster to get a snug fit in the early days, but would also prefer the larger stay-dry for when I use the diaper as an all-in-two later on!

  • Great fit:  This diaper snugs up nicely around my baby's legs, meaning no leaks or blow-outs!

  • Trim sizing:  Both pictures below show the Funky Fluff Stay Dry on my 3 month old - the picture on the left is the 1.0 and the picture on the right is the 2.0.  While the 2.0 is slightly narrower (I didn't notice this until they pointed it out to me), both diapers are trim and provide a snug, leak-free fit without any extra tucking or pulling!

Funky Fluff Stay Dry 1.0

Funky Fluff Stay Dry 2.0

  • Front flap: My son is going to be a tummy sleeper, and I really like diapers that have a short strip of PUL on the inside - it helps keep moisture from wicking out onto pyjamas and bedding.
  • Big, Easy Stuff Pocket: If you follow my site, you'll know that I prefer all-in-twos to pockets.  I simply find stuffing pockets is time consuming!  That said, I appreciate pocket diapers that are easy to stuff, and Funky Fluff's design offers a wide opening at the back to make stuffing easy.  Plus, the inserts usually agitate out in the wash if you don't snap them in (they do offer snaps at the front and back of the insert if you would prefer to use them)

How do you think this diaper fits relative to other diapers?

The sizing on Funky Fluff's 2.0 hasn't changed from the 1.0, and it runs true to size.  The size range Funky Fluff offers is wonderful!  When they say 8 to 40 lbs, they really do mean it!

With 4 levels of rise adjustments and cross-over waist snaps, this diaper has a wide range.  The picture below is of the Funky Fluff 2.0 Bamboo on my 8 day old, 8 lb newborn.  (The new stay-dry wasn't available yet).  Please note, the 1.0 Stay-Dry did not provide as snug of a fit as the bamboo with the Funky Fluff stay-dry insert (it's just stiffer/bulkier), but with a smaller insert such as the Funky Fluff bamboo or a SoftBums insert, it did fit about the same. 


I found that the Funky Fluff Fusion offers a very reliable fit from 9 lbs and up, and it really can fit up to 40 lbs because of the wide "belt" with lots of snaps.  I tried one on my 40+ lb 3.5 year old last year, and it did fit.  (Sorry, no photo available).

Would I recommend it to a friend?

Yes, on a scale of 1 to 4 (with 1 being never, and 4 being absolutely!), I give the Funky Fluff Fusion Stay-Dry 2.0 a 4.  I have about 8 Funky Fluff diapers in my main rotation, and they definitely get their fair share of action!

If you're not sure you want to commit to either pockets or an AI2, this system offers you both options.  The colors are vibrant, and the fit is great.  I really encourage you to try one of these diapers on your little one's bum!

What would you change about this diaper?

I love that this diaper is designed in Canada, and would love to see it produced domestically as well! 

Where to Buy

Funky Fluff sells diapers directly from their online web store.  You can also purchase them from Lagoon Baby.  Funky Fluff also sells pail liners and double-pocket wet bags.

How to Win It!

To enter, fill out the Rafflecopter form below for your chance to win 10 Funky Fluff Stay-Dry Diapers. Once you've done that, visit the Funky Fluff Facebook page to participate in a Round Robin Retailer Giveaway, where you can meet some Funky Fluff retailers and also enter to win more.... Funky Fluff, of course!   You can also join the newly launched Funky Fluff Facebook Community to keep on top of all the latest Funky Fluff news!

Open to Residents of Canada/US, 18+

Closes at 11:59 PM EST, May 18, 2014

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure:  Thinking About Cloth Diapers is not responsible for prize fulfillment.  Winner will be contacted by email and must respond within 48 hours to claim prize.

Disclosure: I received this diaper free from Funky Fluff in advance of the 2.0 Launch to facilitate this review, and they have supported events on Thinking About Cloth Diapers, including our Choose Your Charity Event. The opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own, and your experience with the product may differ from mine. I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. This post contains affiliate links.  I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.” For more information, see our Disclaimer and Copyright.

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