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If you are looking for a Washington-based cloth diaper charity, read more about a fantastic organization based in Yakima County! As part of our second annual Choose Your Charity Event, which runs from October 10 to 25, we will be sharing profiles on several cloth diaper charities that help families get started with the initial costs of purchasing diapers. These organizations collect new and used diapers (even those needing repairs!) and distribute them to those who most need them.

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Cutie Bondoonie Diaper Kits

Introducing Cutie Bondoonie Diaper Kits, a cloth diaper charity located in Yakima County, Washington. Suzanne Voldman shared the following information as part of our interview series.

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What is your mission?

Our mission is to provide low income families with FREE cloth diapers and supplies and to educate the public about the cost-saving and environmental benefits that cloth diapering provides.

Which communities do you serve?

We serve families in Yakima County, WA.

How many families have you served?

We have delivered full diaper kits to 5 children and provided education and information at community events and classes for hundreds of families.

How do your clients qualify?

Our clients must show income qualifications by a referral from a service provider such as a WIC nurse or show proof of receiving governmental financial support such as food stamps or WIC. Clients must also submit applications, questionnaires and attend a free educational workshop that prepares them to use and care for cloth diapers and begin building an appropriate cloth diapering stash for their individual needs. Educational events are provided for free to families of all income levels.

What kind of support do you offer them?

We are available to answer questions about cloth diapering and provide personal ongoing support to clients who receive cloth diapering kits.

How can others help your cause?

Volunteers throughout the community collect used t-shirts, old flannel sheets, towels and other 100% cotton fabrics. Volunteers help turn these materials into soft, handmade diapers by participating in our regular "Diaper Derby" events. These volunteers cut materials and insert snaps. Volunteers who have a sewing machine and serger at home can help sew and serge the diapers in their own time. Other volunteers can help by planning a T-shirt drive or donating money or supplies for our kits. We welcome donations of gently used diapers and new, handmade or commercially produced diapers, wet bags or cloth wipes. All donations are so appreciated!

Want to get in touch?

Please "like" our Facebook page to receive notifications of our local events and learn more about our organization.



Suzanne, thank-you for sharing more information about your organization! It's amazing how many families you have touched with your classes, and your motto really does remind us that we all can make a difference!

If you know of a cloth diaper charity that we should feature, please let us know! It's easy, just contact us with a quick note!

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