Cloth Diapers for Girls

Looking for cute cloth diapers for girls? Our photo guide shows some of the top prints and styles perfect for little girls!

Featured Prints for Girls

  1. Sustainablebabyish Sweet Chevvies - "Jackie" in sized fitteds ($34.95)
  2. Ecoposh - "Love" in newborn fitted ($29.95) and one-size fitted ($34.95)
  3. Swaddlebees Simplex - "Baby Blooms" in newborn all-in-one ($18.95) and one-size all-in-one ($25.95)
  4. Imagine Birdseye Cotton Printed Flats - "Flutter", 27x27" ($14.95 for 6)
  5. Daddy's Diapers - "Miss Dottie" one-size all-in-one ($35.00)
  6. Thirsties Duo Wrap - "Alice Brights" size 1 and size 2 covers ($12.75)
  7. BumGenius - "Lovelace" - one-size pocket  ($17.95)
  8. gPants - "Lotus" - sized cover ($23.95), matching dress also available.
  9. Best Bottoms Diaper Cover - "Foxy Frolic" - one-size cover ($16.95)

Sugar and Spice...

One of the best things about cloth diapers (besides saving money!) is that they are fluffy and cute!  While there are lots of gender neutral cloth diaper options, there are some absolutely adorable diapers for little girls.

Whether you're looking for pink or purple, and flowers or frills, or even just under-stated elegance, we are sure that this collection of girly cloth diapers will include at least one that catches your eye!

This collection contains some of our favorite designer diapers for girls.  Which one would be perfect for the little girl in your life?

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