My Cloth Diaper Wishlist for 2013


When Julie from My Cloth Diaper Stash  put out the article topic "My Cloth Diaper Wishlist" I knew I had to take part.  One of the fun things about running a cloth diaper website is being exposed to so many fun diapers and designs.

One of the frustrating things about running a cloth diaper website is not being able to try every single diaper that catches my eye.  My, where would I even store them?

I spent a few minutes this morning jotting down 10 diapers that I've been ogling.  When you see so many diapers, lots no longer stand out in my mind.  So, when you see my list, you'll probably notice that I'm after unique features, adorable fabrics, or new designs!

And so without further ado, let me get this show started for you...

My Wishlist in No Particular Order...

Ragababe Tye-Dye - 2 Step AI2

I broke down and ordered my first Ragababe a few months ago and haven't regretted it for a minute.  These hard-to-get diapers are awesome, although costly, but I've convinced myself that they have great resale value (they actually sell for more than they cost sometimes!)  I would love to get a tie-dye print! 

From $36 on

Softbums Omni

I am a huge fan of the SoftBums Echo.  It was one of the first AI2s I tried, and also one of the first hook and loop fasteners I enjoyed using.  They have a wonderful slide-to-size feature that makes it super-easy to adjust this one-size diaper down to tiny little newborns.  I've heard that the Omni is slightly wider cut than the Echo, and I'd love to try it out!

$21.95 on Dearest Diapers with free shipping

Poppy Fields Fitted

I actually took note of these in a recent review I read, and I would love to try one.  They have an adorable Viking print I am coveting right now.

$34.50 on Poppyfields Cloth Diapers

Red Barn Nifty Nappy Fitteds

This fitted diaper gets rave reviews from some of my favorite bloggers, and it's definitely one I'd like to try out!  Many are lined with signature red fleece and stitching.  They have a plain charcoal grey with red that I love!

From $23.50 from Red Barn Nifty Nappy

Sustainablebabyish Longies

For the most part, I haven't experimented a lot with wool.  I'm almost terrified of shrinking an expensive product if (*when) it accidentally got thrown in the dryer.  Plus, I'm not sure I have the time to deal with special care items.  That said, I love the look of sloomb Longies, and would love to give them a try! 

From $65.95 at Dearest Diapers

Rumparooz One-Size with Aplix

I love that Rumparooz fit so well on newborns, but have only tried the snap version.  When I recently wrote a review of my experience with this diaper, I discovered that they have awesome Aplix - and now I'm hoping I'll get to try it out sometime!

Currently on sale for $17.96 at Diaper Safari with free shipping!

Boogie Bear Dreamer

I have tried out a couple of Boogie Bear Creations diapers and love everything about them!  Melissa recently started sewing overnight diapers, called Dreamers, using Windpro fleece.  What really caught my attention was the fact that her heavy-wetter doesn't wear a cover - these fitted diapers hold up, COVERLESS, overnight!  Wow!

From $38 at Boogie Bear Creations

Chelory Wool-in-Two

Chelory is one of those brands I've watched from the sidelines for awhile.  If I overcome my fear of wool, I would love to try one of these diapers!  They look adorable, and wool is so good for your baby's bottom - breathable and absorbent!

From $54.95 at Chelory

Orange Diaper Company Squish

I bought a used ODC fitted and am amazed at how absorbent it is.  It holds 18 oz. of liquid... that's a LOT!  I don't need one of these diapers right now, but I love the cute colors and would love to add more ODC to my stash!

Currently out of stock at Orange Diaper Company

Green Bumkin Appliques

When I need a diaper for a special occasion, I'm definitely going to look at Green Bumkin first!  These things are adorable with a capital "A".  She adds details to each diaper based on the wing fabric.  I had a hard time picking an image to show you, so check out her Facebook page for lots more!

From $26.50 at Green Bumkin

Ecoposh Fitteds

Made from recycled pop bottles,  bamboo and organic cotton, these super-cute, eco-friendly diapers are ones I would love to try!  I love the fit of this brand's sister, Rumparooz, so I expect these would fit awesome too!

$34.95 from Dearest Diapers with free shipping

and last, but not least...  a newborn diaper I have my eye on next time I have a little one in my house.

Tots Bots Tini Fit

Tots Bots is based in Scotland.  I have a regular Tots Bots as well as the Bamboozle, and I love their hook and loop quality.  I've heard rave reviews on this one, and would love to give it a try sometime in the future!

$18.95 at Nicki's Diapers

While there are a ton of diapers out there, I'll stop there!  I hope you've enjoyed the diaper eye-candy!

Check out some of my friends' favorite diapers using the links below.  You never know when you might discover the diaper you've always been dreaming of!

Do you have cloth diaper envy?  Which diaper do you have your eye on?

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