5 Must-Have Cloth Diaper Accessories

Thinking about making the switch to cloth? Make your experience easier with these must-have cloth diaper accessories.

cloth diaper accessories

We've listed some of our favorite cloth diaper accessories below, in no particular order!

cloth diaper accessories

Featured Cloth Diaper Accessories

  1. Wool Dryer Balls
  2. Travel Wet Bag
  3. Fleece Diaper Liners
  4. Cloth Diaper Pail
  5. Diaper Sprayer

  1. Travel Wet Bags: Zippered wet bags are an essential cloth diaper accessory, perfect for carrying wet diapers when traveling. They can also be used for wet swimsuits and other gear! Lots of parents buy more than one of these to carry wet diapers, your own cloth wipes, and other baby essentials! It is also quick and easy to make a zippered wet bag, and they make great gifts!

  2. Zippered wet bag

  3. Wool dryer balls: If you're looking to eliminate costly and harmful chemicals from your laundry routine, all-natural dryer balls will gently soften your cloth diapers, reduce static, and save you money on your electricity bills, too! Maybe you're familiar with Nellie's or another brand of plastic dryer balls, but I assure you you'll never look back once you discover how much quieter and safer wool dryer balls are! We've even got a dryer ball tutorial if you'd like to make your own!

  4. wool dryer balls

  5. Fleece Diaper Liners: Stay-dry fleece liners wick moisture away from your baby's bottom to the insert or prefold below. Perfect for preventing cloth diaper rashes, they are also a great way to keep your diapers looking new. Add a diaper liner on top of your pocket diaper or all-in-one to protect them from diaper rash creams and other products.

  6. Cloth diaper pail: Wondering what to do with your cloth diapers until you have a full load of washing? You might be surprised to discover that most cloth diaper manufacturers recommend dry pail storage, which means you don't have to drain your diapers every day like your mom or grandma used to! Our article on cloth diaper pails gives you the lowdown on how to store your cloth diapers. We've also got some helpful ideas on how to avoid stinky cloth diaper pail smells.

  7. cloth diaper pail

  8. Cloth Diaper Sprayer: If your biggest concern with cloth diapers is handling poop, the cloth diaper sprayer may become your most essential cloth diapering accessory! Cloth diaper sprayers are a dad's best friend. If your husband is on the fence about using cloth, I can guarantee he'll be interested in learning more about the cloth diaper sprayer. Our favorite of cloth diaper accessories, diaper sprayers make it easy to clean up sticky, stinky messes, and can extend the lifetime of your diaper too!

  9. diaper sprayer

If we could add just one more thing to the list, it would be Baby Legs! These adorable leg-warmers are the perfect fashion accessory for cloth diapers. They make diaper changing a snap and keep your baby warm and comfortable. Slip on a pair of BabyLegs, and there's no need to keep removing pants for your onesie-wearing newborn. If your little one is already on the move, BabyLegs protect their little knees while they crawl on cold floors too!

What do you think? Are there any cloth diaper accessories you can't live without? Add a note in the comment box below!

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