Smush Tush Cloth Diapers: Modern and Unique Custom Cloth Diapers

by Kat Schjei
(Portland, Oregon)

Smush Tush Custom Cloth Diaper - Comics

Smush Tush Custom Cloth Diaper - Comics

Pockets, Covers, Inserts, and Customs

Hello! My name is Kat and I am the mother of two little Smushes under the age of three and a part-time pediatric RN. I believe in cloth diapers. Nothing makes more sense than saving money, keeping our landfills free from everlasting disposable diaper garbage, and of course, there is nothing cuter than a fluffy tush! I combined my love of sewing and my obsession with cloth diapers into my company, Smush Tush Cloth Diapers. Thank you so much for supporting WAHMs, the only place where you can create your own custom cloth diaper.

With a Smush Tush custom diaper, first you choose the style, either a pocket diaper or a diaper cover. Next, you choose the fabrics: from the outer waterproof layer to the inner stay-dry wicking layer. You also choose the snap colors. To view pictures of current available fabrics, visit our facebook page at If you have another fabric you prefer, you can mail it to me for an extra custom look. From characters to colleges, the possibilities are endless! Each diaper is unique and customized just for you.

Smush Tush Custom Diapers are all one-size, finished with professional KAM snaps to fit approximately 10 lbs through potty training, so you never have to buy more sizes. Leg and pocket elastics are triple stitched and guaranteed forever. Snaps are reinforced and also guaranteed forever.

All of our PUL (polyurethane laminate) fabric is waterproof, breathable to minimize diaper rash, hypoallergenic, stretchy, abrasion-resistant, fade-resistant, lead free, Bisphenol-A (BPA) free and phalatate free, and made in the USA!

In addition, $1 from every Smush Tush custom cloth diaper is donated directly to the OHSU Doernbecher Children's Hospital Pediatric Intermediate Care Unit in Portland, Oregon, and will go towards providing food and fun to patients and their families while cooped up at the hospital.

Please contact me with any questions or ideas.

Come "like" us on Facebook. And check out my Etsy shop for a complete listing of the diapers I currently have for sale!

"May all your tushes be cushed by Smush!"

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